You can create separate Locations for each equipment room or warehouse within your organization. Once you’ve set up your Locations, you can assign Items, Reservations and Check-outs to them.

Setting up locations in your account

By default, every account has one location for the "Headquarters", but you can add as many locations as you need.

Adding a new Location

  1. Click Settings, next click Locations
  2. Click New location
  3. Fill in the name and it's full address
  4. Click Add location

Using Locations in bookings and equipment

Viewing a single location in your web browser

  1. Use the location picker (at the top left - only if multiple locations) 
  2. It filters all Items, Kits, Reservations and Check-outs to that location
  3. All new Reservations and Check-outs will automatically be set to that Location.

Equipment per category on the Dashboard

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Use the Items by location chart
  3. Click a location to filter Items

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