Item Custody works like an infinite Check-out. It lets you register the equipment you have loaned, to whom you loaned it, without having to select a return date or location. It’s ideal for when you’re lending out equipment for a really short or really long duration.


Enabling Custody for your account

  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down to the Modules section
  • Enable the Custody Module
  • Click Save (top-right corner of the screen)

Using Custody

Assigning Custody of a single Item (or Kit)

  • Go to your Items (or Kits), hover over an item or click an Item
  • Click Actions, then click Give or Take custody

*Only Admins are allowed to give custody. Users are able to take custody of an item, but only if the item is available.

*If you want your Selfservice Users to be able to take custody, go to your Users - Permissions and check the box 'Custody'.

Finding all Items in custody

  • Click Items (or Kits)
  • On the left side of the Search field, choose 'In custody':

Finding all Items in custody of a Contact

  • Click Contacts, then click a Contact
  • On the Custody tab, you can see the list of the Items which are in custody:

Finding all Items in your custody 

  • Go to your Dashboard and scroll down

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