If you have multiple equipment rooms, facilities or warehouses in your organization, you can set up different locations for each of them. This will help admins to have a clear and structured overview of their equipment and its current location. 

For users and self-service users, having a complete overview is not always necessary. That is why CHEQROOM allows you to restrict some of your users to certain locations.

Enabling location restrictions for your account

  • Click Settings
  • Under modules, enable Restrict locations*
  • Click Save

Restricting users to certain locations

  • Click Users
  • Use the checkboxes to select people (only User or Selfservice role)
  • Click Actions, next click Restrict locations...
  • Select the location(s) to which these users should have access
  • Click Restrict to locations or Clear locations 


*This module is not activated by default. Want it for your account? Get in touch.

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