In CHEQROOM, Reservations are a booking of equipment for the future. 

They help you make sure that the right equipment is available at the right time. A Reservation must contain at least these vital pieces of information.

  1. From and To dates
  2. A Contact for whom this equipment is reserved
  3. One or more Items and / or Kits
  4. A Location of where the equipment will be checked out

Reservation Statuses

  1. Draft
    These reservations haven't been fully booked yet -- you're stilling working on it.
  2. Booked
    The reservation has been made. Your date-range will show the calendar for each piece of equipment as booked. (The equipment can still have status Available at this time)
  3. Overdue
    The reservation should have already been checked-out. Depending on the date-range of the reservation, you'll be able to convert the reservation to a check-out, edit it or cancel it completely.
  4. Completed
    The reservation was converted to a check-out. The equipment in the reservation has left in a check-out (and might even already be back).
  5. Cancelled
    The reservation was cancelled. The equipment calendars for that date-range will be cleared again, so it can be booked somewhere else.

Archived reservations

You can choose to archive Reservations that are Completed or Cancelled to declutter your workspace.

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