CHEQROOM’s items are physical and unique pieces of equipment. They help you manage your inventory in the following ways.

  • Store import details about your items
  • Transfer items to other locations
  • Flag equipment condition
  • Keep track of geo location
  • Book reservations for future needs
  • Check out equipment to contacts
  • Give equipment into custody to contacts

Item statuses

In CHEQROOM, items can have 1 of 5 possible statuses

  • Available
    The item is available for immediate check-out, but can be part of a open reservation for the near future.  
  • Checking out
    The item is part of an draft check-out.
  • Checked out
    The item is currently unavailable because it’s part of an open checked-out.  
  • In custody
    The item was given into custody to a contact and cannot be reserved or checked out. 
  • Expired
    The item is broken or gone and cannot be reserved or checked out anymore. Expired items don't count towards your subscription limits.

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