In this webinar, we walk you through the smartest ways on how to organize your equipment room and the best practices about staying on top of equipment kits. 💪

Webinar outline

Quick refresher

Why better Kit management? (4:42)

Part 1 - Getting started (5:47)

  • What is a Kit in Cheqroom and what is not a Kit?

  • Creating Kits in your account

  • Considerations when making new Kits

  • Preparing for easy Check-outs

Part 2 - Workflows (17:40)

  • Scheduling equipment for projects

  • Super fast Kit Check-outs on the go

  • When equipment breaks down

  • Kits' statuses

  • Making sure Kits are always complete

Part 3 - Q&A (27:30)

Have some equipment room tips or tricks that we haven't mentioned yet? Send us a message at and have your tips become part of our next webinar. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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