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On Cheqroom, the Equipment access prevents users from booking and using specific or expensive equipment without proper access.

You can set up Equipment access for your users and decide which items they can book. The possibilities are endless; they all depend on how you want to organize your inventory.

How does the Equipment access work?

When setting up a user role, you can grant the user permission to reserve or check out a specific set of items we call item groups. You can create these item groups and choose which items belong to them based on their fields.

Adding item groups on Cheqroom

Once the item group is created, don't forget to activate it to allow your user to use the items during reservations and check-outs.

How does it look for the user with permissions?

After setting the permissions, the user can only reserve or check out items to which they have permission. The user will see which items are restricted on the item page, and even though they can see the information about the item, they cannot proceed with the reservation or check-out.

Restricted items are hidden by default when placing a reservation or checking items out. You can choose to view and add restricted items, but you won't be able to finalize any booking.

Ready to grant your Equipment access?

Now that you know more about them, it's time to create Equipment access. The following help articles will guide you through the different steps:

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