A place to store and organise your Items under. For example, you might want to store all cameras in one category and all lenses in another.


A way of keeping track of who took which equipment, and when it’s due back. Usually they are made based on a reservation. Check-outs allow you to stay on top of equipment loan-outs to team members or students, item and kit rentals or equipment maintenance and repair.


A person for whom you can book equipment reservations or to whom you can check out equipment. A contact may or may not be linked to a user login.


A way to register equipment loan-outs, without having to select a return date or location. For example when you’re lending out equipment for a really short or really long duration.


A custom field which you can define that will hold extra information about e.g. an item or a contact.



A calendar file format that allows you to share information between different calendars. For example, you can sync the reservations and check-outs of one location to a separate Outlook calendar.


A unique and physical piece of equipment which is the base unit of your inventory in CHEQROOM.


A way to group items together based on their usage. For example, a travel case which always contains the same set of camera, lenses and batteries.


A way to group the items in your equipment inventory. For example, you might want to create a location for each warehouse, department or equipment room. Once you have multiple locations, you can use these while making reservations and check-outs.



A way of planning who needs which equipment, at which location for a duration of time. Usually, reservations are converted into check-outs when the equipment leaves the building.


A blueprint for actual documents which are generated for that template. For example, creating a template for PDF agreements when a contact checks out equipment or a template which contains your asset label layout.


A person that has a username and password and that can login to the software. Most of the time, a user is linked to a contact, so that equipment can be assigned to his / her name.


A way of notifying other pieces of software that something interesting has happened in CHEQROOM. For example, setting up a webhook to notify another application that a check-out is 1-day overdue.

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