Upgrading or downgrading your account

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In Cheqroom, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time your active subscription.

Upgrading or downgrading your account

  1. Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  2. Click Account

  3. If you see a red banner at the bottom of your Account page, it’s because you reached the soft quota limit. This means that your account has already exceeded the maximum number of items allowed and you should upgrade immediately.

  4. Click Change plan

  5. Select a new subscription plan. You do not see your current Cheqroom plan? It is probably because you are on a legacy one (Professional, Basic, Academic, etc.). Feel free to reach out at success@cheqroom.com for more information

  6. Click Continue

  7. Choose your new plan. You can adjust the amount of items with the blue slider on top and you can select the duration of your contract on the right (billed yearly or every two years). You then have an overview of your old plan, on the left, and the new plans on the right. Every plan is complimented with a list of the main features included so it’s easier for you to chose. You can also go to our pricing page to have a full overview of the features in each plan

*Note: Upgrading or downgrading the account can only be completed by the Account Owner or users with permissions to manage the account and the settings.

Effect of upgrading on your billing

If you are upgrading your account before of after your renewal date, Cheqroom automatically pro-rates the remainder of your current subscription towards the new subscription.

When you click “Continue”, Cheqroom provides you an overview of the new plan you are switching to and on the right of your screen you have the invoice summary with the prorated charge mentioned above. Any discounts or VAT imports will be shown here.

The difference in price between your previous and your new subscription level will be billed to you immediately, after which an invoice will be sent to you by email. If you are not sure about the credit card you have on file, Cheqroom will indicate the last four digits of your card at the end of the invoice summary together with the email address of the user receiving the invoice.

If the transaction fails (the card was declined, for example), Cheqroom will clearly show you that something went wrong. To find out what to do in this case, please consult this page.

Once the transaction is successful, the changes in your account will be reflected in the following 24 hours. To get the final invoice for the transaction (for example, if you need to submit it to the purchasing department), simply go to Account > and click on "Billing screen".

Effect of downgrading on your billing

The difference in price between your previous and your new subscription level is stored as credit on your account. This can be used to renew your subscription when it expires or to make other purchases, such as durable asset labels available in our online shop.

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