On the Calendar page

On the Reservation or Check-out page

Setting up colored labels

Creating colored labels for Reservations

  • Go to Reservations, next click Settings
  • Click the + icon to add a new label
  • Select a color and type a name
  • Click Save

đź’ˇQuick Tip

If you create exactly the same labels on a Reservation and a Check-out, any value that was entered in the Reservation will automatically be copied to the Check-out when you convert it.

Controlling who's allowed to set, update or clear labels 

Permissions for using labels

  • Go to Users, next click Permissions
  • Find the Labels section
  • Tick or untick the user roles that should have access
  • Don't forget to hit Save when you're done


Calendars synced via iCal often override with their own color settings.

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