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Workflow for users with reservation-only permissions
Workflow for users with reservation-only permissions

A guide to letting your team reserve equipment and have the equipment manager doing the actual check-out

Written by Samia Suys
Updated over a week ago

*Note: You can find an overview of the different user roles and their restrictions and permissions in our article on User roles & permissions

Get your Cheqroom login

Before you can access Cheqroom and start booking equipment, you'll need to create your own login. Your admin will invite you by email.

Accepting the Cheqroom invite

  • Find your personal Invite email from your admin

  • Click on the Accept invite link

  • Choose your own Cheqroom password 

Important notes

  • Have a login but forgot your password? You can have it reset

  • Haven’t received the invitation email or your link has expired? Ask your admin to resend the invite

  • Please use only the link from the email you received instead of creating a new Cheqroom account.

Create a reservation in just a few clicks

What's a reservation?

A reservation is a way to book equipment and reserve equipment for the future. It will make sure the right equipment will be available at the right time, at the right place. However, it doesn’t check-out the equipment just yet, so in the meantime other people can still use the equipment.

Creating a reservation in the web application

  • Login to Cheqroom using your personal login and password

  • Click Reservations in the left menu

  • Click the New reservation button

  • Pick a location where you'll need the equipment (this step is not relevant when your organization only has 1 location)

  • Select the dates from when / until when you'll need the gear

  • Add one or more Items or Kits to the reservation

  • Click the Reserve button to finalize your booking

You now have an open equipment Reservation! 

For now you're done. You'll probably go back to work until the time comes to actually go to the equipment room and ask your equipment manager to check it out for you.

In the meantime, if you still want to change what you've booked, you can still come back to the Reservation and make changes. Don't forget to hit Reserve when you're done.

Proceed to check-out

When it's time to pick up the equipment:

  • Go meet your equipment manager at the gear room. 

  • Now is a good time to go through your equipment list one more time, making sure you have everything you need. 

  • He / she will check out the equipment to you, by converting your Reservation into a Check-out (and making any changes needed)

  • Once checked out, the equipment is now officially in your hands

All done? Head on back

When you're done with the equipment:

  • Meet up with your equipment manager at the gear room again.

  • He / she will help you check in all the gear (or just parts of it)

  • Something broke down? Flag the equipment

  • Once checked in, the equipment is available again for the next person to check it out.

Here's the basic steps again

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