Once a printer from the DYMO LabelWriter series is installed on your computer, you can use its DYMO Label software to create custom label layouts for your account.

Creating a new label layout

  • Launch the DYMO Label software

  • Select your desired label size on the left

  • Use the Insert menu to add elements to your label layout

  • Choose the text or barcode elements that should be filled in dynamically.

  • Double click the element and open it's Properties window

  • Choose Advanced. Enter the name field of a merge field as Reference name.

  • Save the label to file (e.g. Property-of-ACME.label)

Available merge fields

  • name The item/kit name

  • code  The textual part of a QR code

  • qr   The image version of a QR code

  • barcode   The barcode text

  • organization   Your account organization name

  • location  Assigned location name

  • category  Assigned category name

  • fields.Brand  The value of the Brand field

  • fields.Model  The value of the Model field

  • fields.Purchase date  The value of the Purchase date field

  • fields.Purchase price   The value of the Purchase price field

  • fields.Warranty date   The value of the Warranty date field

  • fields.Residual value   The value of the Residual value field 

  • fields.Some field  The value of a custom field

Important note

  • Use the Reference name to make design elements dynamic

  • The smallest size for QR codes designs is approx. 1" square

  • The smallest size for barcode designs is approx. 2" wide

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