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πŸŽ₯ Everything You Need To Know About Labeling and Scanning
πŸŽ₯ Everything You Need To Know About Labeling and Scanning

How to decide the best labels for you, correctly scan your equipment & make Check-Ins, Check-Outs and Spotchecks faster and more accurate.

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Our mission at Cheqroom is to help you manage and keep track of your valuable assets easily and quickly. A big part of doing that is to make sure you label your assets properly.

Your Equipment Is Already Labeled

Great! Now let's verify your barcodes are supported by Cheqroom. You can find all the barcodes supported by us here:

  • QR

  • Code 11

  • Code 39

  • Code 93

  • Code 128

  • PDF417

  • DataMatrix

  • EAN-8

  • EAN-13

  • UPC-12

Alternatively, you can download our free mobile app and use the built-in scanner to test it out straight away. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Key Barcode Tips βœ‹πŸΌ

  • Each barcode must be between 4 and 24 alphanumeric characters.

  • Most custom QR codes should be supported by Cheqroom, both in the web and mobile app. Once they have been uploaded and added to an item, note that they will be shown as a barcode and not as a QR code in the app itself.

  • Cheqroom automatically generates QR codes for every item you add to your inventory. If you decide to to use your own barcodes, make sure to go to Settings and turn the QR code generator off.

Adding your barcodes into the system πŸ“²

You can add your own barcodes by import or manually. Find all the steps here: How can I add my own barcodes into the system?

Your Equipment Is Not Yet Labeled

No labels yet? No worries! Here are a few ways to get you there:

Purchasing Asset Labels πŸ”–

If your equipment is moved around a lot, we recommend you purchase high-quality vinyl asset labels. You can do this directly from your Cheqroom account!Β 

Once you have received your Cheqroom asset labels, you can start uploading them into your account following these steps.

Printing Labels From Cheqroom πŸ–¨

If you have a lot of new gear being regularly added, you might want to print your own asset labels which is possible through your Cheqroom account.Β 

Remember that we automatically generate unique QR codes for every item you add to your inventory. You can print these on stock paper or Avery-style sheets or install the DYMO LabelWriter Software.

Scanning Asset Labels

Scanning asset labels can make your check-in and check-out process faster and more accurate.Β 

Besides our free mobile app, you can also use a connected 2D barcode scanner which is connected via USB or BlueTooth to your laptop.

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