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Printing & scanning asset labels
🎥 How to add your newly purchased asset labels to your account
🎥 How to add your newly purchased asset labels to your account

What are the next steps once you have purchased asset labels from our Cheqroom asset label webshop

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If your equipment is moved around a lot and has no quality labels attached to them yet, we recommend to purchase high-quality vinyl asset labels

You can order labels and/or key tags straight from your Cheqroom account, or by visiting our store

Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details and you will also receive your tracking number by mail once your labels have been shipped. 

Adding your purchased labels to your account

First, you have to start physically labeling your equipment. 

If you want to upload your items' information - including the barcodes - by import, make sure to write down the barcode information in an extra column in your CSV file, when attaching the labels to your equipment.

By import 

When preparing your CSV file for import, you can add an extra column that contains your items' existing barcodes.

If you already imported your items' information, you can just add the extra barcode column to your original CSV file and complete an import update.

  • Go to Items

  • Click the Import button in the top right corner

  • Upload your CSV file and make sure one of your columns contains your barcodes (between 4 and 24 alphanumeric characters)

  • Indicate if your spreadsheet has labels as the first row

  • Map the columns you want to import or ignore them

  • Click Next

  • Fix any import errors and check warnings

  • Click Start import


If you prefer to add the codes at the same time as when you're physically attaching them to the items, you can use our Mobile App. 

To add the code to an item you already added to Cheqroom, you have to:

  • Find the item in your Cheqroom App

  • Click on the Item

  • Click on the Info tab at the bottom of your screen

  • Scroll down to 'Codes'

  • Choose Scan a code

To add a new item to your account, you can follow these steps: How to add an item with our Mobile App and add the code as described above.

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