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Printing & scanning asset labels
🎥 Purchasing high-quality vinyl asset tags
🎥 Purchasing high-quality vinyl asset tags

Track your equipment better by labeling them with durable asset tags or stickers

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Don't have your equipment labeled yet? No worries! You can order durable and high-quality vinyl asset tags and key tags straight from your Cheqroom account. 

Asset labels help you take control of the equipment of your company. Easily identify your equipment with a whirl of the scanner and check out equipment to your team members in a heartbeat. Use our key tags for easily tracking your bags & kits.

Choosing and ordering your asset tags

You can easily order asset labels from our asset tag store.

You can also find our store from your Cheqroom account. Click on your profile (picture or initials) in the top-right corner and select Buy asset tags.

Different types of asset tags

We have different asset labels for various types of equipment. You can also customize some of the labels and add your own company's logo and other information.

Tiny Asset Labels 0.6" x 1.4" rectangular - 100 labels for

$89 (without customization) or $189 (customized)

Mini Asset Labels 0.75" round - 100 labels for

$99 (without customization) or $199 (customized)

Dot Asset Labels 0.375" round - 100 labels for $69

Baby Labels 0.375" x 0.375" rectangular - 20 Key tags for $49

Destructible Labels 1.73"x 0.6" rectangular - 100 labels for $109

Cable Labels 1.0" x 0.75" rectangular - 99 labels for $89

Medium Protected Labels 2.15" x 1.15" rectangular - 100 labels for

$149 (customized)

Plastic Key Tags 2.12" x 1.12" rectangular - 20 Key tags for $49

  • If you already ordered similar labels from us before, you might want to select a range. Not sure which numbering you had before? Don't worry, we can make sure you get the right set of labels.

  • If you want to add your company logo, check the boxes that appear once you have selected the labels. We will then get in touch. Adding your company logo is only available for our Mini, Tiny, and Medium Protected Labels.

  • For Medium Protected Labels you can also add other customized information besides the logo.

  • Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. 

  • You will receive your tracking number by mail once your labels have been shipped. 

When shipping within the U.S., your order will arrive within max 5 business days. For shipping outside of the U.S., contact our Support team for more information.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at how asset labels can be a huge help when managing your equipment.

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