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Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of our FAQ

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How to Clear the Codes in Bulk?
How to Edit the Logo of Your Workspace?
How to Add an Account Owner?
How to Revoke Account Owner Access?
How to Join Our Beta Program?
How to retrieve a HAR file?
Why am I unable to create a booking across multiple locations?
Why Can’t I Log in to My Cheqroom Account?
Disabling AdBlock or Adblock Plus for Cheqroom
How can I add images to my inventory?
Converting from a trial account to an active subscription
How to Update Your Password?
How do I reset my password?
Why am I unable to invite a new user to my account?
Why are my users not receiving their invite emails?
How do I extend an expired User Invite?
Why am I unable to delete an Item or Contact from my account?
What is the difference between Locations & Geo Positions?
How Can I Modify the User Role of Any Existing User?
How do I turn off the automatic generation of QR codes on new equipment?
What should I use? Equipment Custody, Reservations or Check-outs?
🎥 What's the difference between a Reservation and a Check-out?
Transferring a user to another existing account
How do I force my users to check / scan Items one-by-one for a Check-out?
How can I change a synced user into a local user?
Is there a limit to the number of users I can sync to Cheqroom?
How often does Google update its calendar feeds?
Why is my Google Calendar sync slow or not updating at all?
🎥 How do I prepare my spreadsheet for importing?
What should my LDAP server return in order for User Sync to work?
🎥 How do I change a Reservation?
How do I export my spreadsheet to a UTF-8 encoded CSV?
How do I add a quantity to an Item?