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What is the difference between Locations & Geo Positions?
What is the difference between Locations & Geo Positions?

How to use Locations and Geo Positions and what's the difference between them

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Locations in Cheqroom

Locations are one of the main features of Cheqroom. They allow you to create separate Locations for each equipment room or warehouse within your organization and assign Items to them. 

This means you can see, per Location, where all your inventory is stored and decide from which Location every user will be picking up their gear. You can read more about Locations here.

Note: Locations can also be restricted to certain users and self-service users. If each department, for example, has its own equipment room, you can give each team access to just their equipment room. Admins will always have a complete overview.

Geo Positions in Cheqroom

The Geo Position of an Item is not where the item is stored, but where it is being used or send to, and this is only temporarily.

For example: when someone in your team needs to take some gear to a shoot, which might be located in a different area or city, you can ask them to update the specific location of that gear with our Geo Positioning feature

This helps you to stay on top of all your inventory and, in case another team member needs to pick them up, he can see the exact location from the Item's Map tab:

You can choose to add the address manually, or, update the Geo Position in Maps automatically when the Item is scanned.

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