The Configuration

  • On Cheqroom, go to your Settings and select General

  • Scroll down to the Geo Positions section.

  • Enable or disable the Geo positions module.

  • Enable or disable the option to update items' Geo position when scanned (using the mobile app).

  • Click Save.

Using Geo positions

Via your web browser:

  • Open the Items tab, and choose an item.

  • There, select the Map tab.

  • Click the Set to the current button or dropdown to manually enter an address.

❓ Do you see the following error message?

Cheqroom does not have permission to use your location

This means that your web browser is not allowing Cheqroom to get your Geo location. You will need to edit your preferences on your browser.

Via the mobile app:

  • Scan the asset label (depending on the setting above) Or go to the Item.

  • Scroll down to the Geo Position section and click on Set.

  • Select Current location to set the location (authorization to share position must be granted to the Cheqroom app.

  • Or type and select the address manually.

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