Adding items' exact equipment room position

How to add each item's shelf or rack position in your inventory room or warehouse facility

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When you have a lot of gear and a lot of racks and a lot of equipment rooms, it might be a good idea to create a structured equipment position overview. This will list your items’ exact storage position by marking them accordingly:

  • Use R01, R02 … to mark the equipment room (or to mark the rack if you have your gear in one facility)

  • Use SH01, SH02 … to mark the shelf position

  • Combine them as you see fit: R01-SH02, R03-SH01...


You can add the items' exact equipment room position in Cheqroom by creating a custom field for Items:

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Then click Fields

  • Next, make sure you selected 'Items

  • Click Add field in the top-right corner

  • Choose Dropdown list as the type of field and add a Name

  • Choose to make the field appear when adding a new item

  • Choose to make the field required

  • Choose to have it as a filter option on your item page overview

  • Click Add field

Using the custom field

To start using this custom field and filter by your items' shelf position, you have to first add each item's position by filling in the custom field you just created:

Adding the item's position 

  1. Click Items and select an Item

  2. Go to the Info tab

  3. Check the box 'Show blank fields'

  4. Choose the correct equipment room position for that item

  5. The update is automatically saved

Updating the position of many Items at once

  1. Click Items in the Table view

  2. Select multiple Items using the checkboxes

  3. Click Bulk actions, next click Edit items...

  4. Update the items' positions 

  5. Click Update to save your changes

Filter by Items' equipment room positions 

  1. Click Items 

  2. Type a shelf or room position 

  3. Only the items located at that exact position in the equipment room will be listed:

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