Changing the location of an Item or Kit

How to update your Items' location in Cheqroom

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When dealing with a lot of different equipment rooms and warehouses, it is possible that your Items get moved around a lot. 

There are three ways of updating their location. You can either check them in at a different location, release custody at a different location, or you can change it manually in your Cheqroom account (only Admins have this option):

  • Go to Items

  • Click on the Item whose location needs to be updated

  • Change the location by clicking on the location picker and selecting the correct one:

If you have multiple Items that were all moved to the same location, you can update their new location in Bulk:

  • Go to Items

  • Select the checkboxes on the left side of the Items that need a location update

  • Choose Bulk actions and click Edit Items

  • Choose the new Location

  • Click Update

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