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πŸŽ₯ Keeping track of equipment state with Flags
πŸŽ₯ Keeping track of equipment state with Flags

How to mark items in your inventory that need cleaning, need maintenance, need repair, etc

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You can keep track of interesting states of your equipment by using Flags.

Creating Item Flags for your account

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Flags

  • Find the default flags already available for your account

  • Click Actions to edit or delete one of the default flags

  • Click Add flag in the top-right corner to create a new flag

  • Write the name of the new flag

  • Add a description and choose a color

  • Decide if this flag will make the item available or unavailable for bookings

  • Click Add

Using flags

(Un)flagging your equipment

  • Click Items, then click an Item

  • In the header, select a flag

  • Or you can also clear the flag

  • When flagging an item, users are required to fill in a message field to describe the problem and they can upload a picture to illustrate the problem

You can find these messages in the history timeline of the item:

Flagging your equipment in bulk

When multiple items need to be flagged at the same time, you can use the bulk feature.Β 

  • Go to your Item list in table view

  • Select the Items you'd like to change by checking the box on the left side

  • Go to 'Bulk actions' and choose 'Edit Items'

  • Scroll down to the Flag section and choose the flag

  • Use the eraser to clear item's flags in bulk

Finding back flagged equipment

  • Click Items

  • Click the advanced search icon to open the panel

  • Select a flag to filter the results

Flagged equipment on the Dashboard

  • Click Dashboard

  • Use the Items by flag chart

  • Click a flag to filter Items


Since scheduling maintenance is usually reserved for a few team members only, you can control which contacts will be able to plan maintenance and repair.

  • Go to the Contact page of the team member who is in charge of maintenance

  • Click on the Info tab

  • Select Maintenance/Repair

Only the team members who have this turned on will be able to schedule maintenance for your flagged items.

Also, being able to flag and unflag items are specific permissions that a user role has or doesn't.

Go to the Roles & Permissions section to see which users are allowed to flag and/or unflag.

Want to learn more? Go to our Blog Post and get the full story. 😊

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