You can keep track of interesting states of your equipment by using Flags.

Creating Item Flags for your account

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click Flags
  • Find the default flags already available for your account
  • Click Actions to edit or delete one of the default flags
  • Click Add flag in the top-right corner to create a new flag
  • Write the name of the new flag
  • Add a description and choose a color
  • Decide if this flag will make the item available or unavailable for bookings
  • Click Add

Using flags

(Un)flagging your equipment

  • Click Items, then click an Item
  • In the header, select a flag
  • Or you can also clear the flag
  • When flagging an item, users are required to fill in a message field to describe the problem and they can upload a picture to illustrate the problem

You can find these messages in the history timeline of the item:

Flagging your equipment in bulk

When multiple items need to be flagged at the same time, you can use the bulk feature. 

  • Go to your Item list in table view
  • Select the Items you'd like to change by checking the box on the left side
  • Go to 'Bulk actions' and choose 'Edit Items'
  • Scroll down to the Flag section and choose the flag
  • Use the eraser to clear item's flags in bulk

Finding back flagged equipment

  • Click Items
  • Click the advanced search icon to open the panel
  • Select a flag to filter the results

Flagged equipment on the Dashboard

  • Click Dashboard
  • Use the Items by flag chart
  • Click a flag to filter Items

Want to learn more? Go to our Blog Post and get the full story. 😊

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