Item Custody works like an infinite Check-out. It lets you register the equipment you have loaned, to whom you loaned it, without having to select a return date or location. It’s ideal for when you’re lending out equipment for a really short or really long duration.

Enabling the Custody add-on

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click Add-ons
  • Scroll down to Custody
  • Make sure it's activated

Using Custody

Assigning Custody of a single Item (or Kit)

  • Go to your Items (or Kits), hover over an item or click an Item
  • Click Actions, then click Give or Take custody

Finding all Items in custody

  • Click Items (or Kits)
  • On the left side of the Search field, choose 'In custody':

Finding all Items in custody of a Contact

  • Click Contacts, then click a Contact
  • On the Custody tab, you can see the list of the Items which are in custody:

Finding all Items in your custody 

  • Go to your Dashboard and scroll down

*Tip: Another way of using Custody, is if you want to take an item out of circulation for a certain period of time. Say someone flagged the item as 'Needs repair' and you want to bring it to the maintenance team for a quality check. Then it might be a good idea to take the Item in your Custody, or assign it to the Maintenance team, so no one can book the item in the meantime.


Only Admins are allowed to give custody. Users are able to take custody of an item, but only if the item is available.

If you want your Self-service Users to be able to take custody, go to your Users - Permissions and check the box 'Custody'.

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