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A quick overview of Check-outs in Cheqroom

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In Cheqroom, Check-outs track when equipment has actually left and when it's due back. They allow you to stay on top of:

  1. Equipment loan-outs to team members or students

  2. Item and kit rentals

  3. Equipment maintenance and repair

Check-out Statuses

  1. Draft
    The Check-out hasn't been fully booked yet -- you're still working on it. During this time the items are marked as Checking out.

  2. Open
    The equipment has left with the check-out and is expected to be back at the Due date. The Check-out remains open until all equipment has been checked in again.

  3. Overdue
    The equipment is still checked out. Some or all pieces of equipment haven't returned as a check-in at the agreed time

  4. Completed
    All the equipment from the Check-out has come back and was checked in again.

Archived Check-outs

You can choose to archive Check-outs that are Completed to declutter your workspace.

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