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Cheqroom's key features explained
๐ŸŽฅ General overview + When to use Spotcheck
๐ŸŽฅ General overview + When to use Spotcheck

Use the Spotcheck feature to check on the spot if all equipment in a kit, category, booking or equipment room is accounted for.

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Spotcheck is a helpful way of doing an inventory take of your equipment.

Think about your yearly inventory audit, an easy way of preparing reservations or a quick check of your equipment when you're out on a shoot or event.

General overview

  • Web and mobile app

  • USB and Bluetooth scanner compatible

  • Spotcheck is possible without asset labels, by manually selecting items

  • Dashboard widget

  • Spotchecks tab with overview of all spotchecks and option to filter

  • Spotcheck specific notifications

  • Spotcheck specific user permissions

When to Spotcheck

You can Spotcheck several things:

  • A kit: Check if a kit is complete using a kit spotcheck.

  • Locations: Check an equipment room inventory using a location spotcheck. Detect missing equipment by scanning everything that is present. Ideal for doing audits.

  • Categories: Need to know for example how many camera's there are, and if there are any lost? Check if any went missing using a category spotcheck.

  • Items in your custody: Do you assign a lot of equipment to employees? Use the custody spotcheck to check if everyone still has the correct equipment or lost anything.

  • Items in an open check-out: Did you take a lot of equipment with you on the job and want to check if youโ€™ve loaded everything back on the truck? Use a check-out spotcheck to check if everything is still there! Doubting if someone brought everything back? Start a (closed) check-out spotcheck to verify.

  • Items in a booked reservation: Want to prepare a large check-out up front? Use the reservation spotcheck to check or collect all the equipment so that you can spot missing equipment before starting the check-out and prevent a lot of stress.

โš ๏ธ Important:

  • When doing a spotcheck for locations and categories, only available items will be shown in your list of items to check. For all other spotchecks, all items regardless of their availability status will be enlisted to check.

  • On the mobile app you can only spotcheck items in your custody. Via the web app you can also spotcheck items that are in custody of someone else.

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