Spotcheck is a helpful way of doing an inventory take of your equipment.

Think about your yearly inventory audit, an easy way of preparing reservations or a quick check of your equipment when you're out on a shoot or event.

You can read more about the possibilities with regards to Spotcheck in another article.

This article focusses on how to Spotcheck via the mobile app.

  • Open the mobile app and select 'New spotcheck'

  • Select what you want to spotcheck.

  • Whenever you have chosen the topic you'd like to spotcheck, you have to verify what specifically you'd like to spotcheck, let's go for a kit. In this example you can now scan a specific kit. For a locations spotcheck, you'll see a list with all your locations and you'll have to select which location(s) you'd like to spotcheck, the same principle goes for other types of spotchecks.

  • Once selected what you'd like to spotcheck, you see a list of all items that require scanning. You can now start scanning or tick off items manually. At the top of the screen you'll see the name of the spotcheck (which you can alter later on). Beneath the name, you can see a progress bar. While scanning, you can see how many items are already scanned and how many are left unscanned. You can also see if any issues popped up.

  • Once you've scanned (or manually ticked off) all items, finish the spotcheck.

  • OR if you don't find all the items you are supposed to be scanning, click 'X' to indicate you're done.

  • You'll now see an overview of your spotcheck. The status of your spotcheck still is 'in progress'. Why? Because when doing a large spotcheck, you can also opt to start on one day and finish the spotcheck on another day. So you either have the option to continue a spotcheck (if any items remain unscanned) or you can finish the spotcheck.

  • Besides the overview and progress bar, you'll also see:

- The kit (in this example) or location/category/check-out/... this spotcheck

relates to

- Details of the spotcheck such as 'last activity', 'started' and 'participants'.

Because you can work with several users at one spotcheck.

  • When you are ready, you choose 'finish' to finish the spotcheck, and write an optional comment. This comment will be saved as a note.

  • Once finished, you get an overview of the spotcheck you did.

  • You'll see how many items are checked, how many (if any of course) issues came up and again an overview of what you spotchecked and the details of the spotcheck.

  • If you'd like to zoom in on the issues, you can simple click on them and get an overview of the issues. You can do the same to get an overview of the checked and unchecked items and take actions accordingly. An example could be to flag an item as missing when you couldn't locate the item.

  • When navigating to the Spotcheck tab, you'll find your spotcheck.

  • And when navigating to the kit or a single item part of that kit, you'll see that a spotcheck was done in the historical timeline.

  • That's it for doing a spotcheck via the mobile app.

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