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πŸŽ₯ How To Spotcheck With The Mobile App
πŸŽ₯ How To Spotcheck With The Mobile App

Using Spotcheck from your device to see if all the equipment in a kit, category, booking or equipment room is accounted for and ready to go

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Spotcheck is a fast and efficient way of taking inventory of your equipment.

Think of it as a handy tool for your yearly inventory audit, an easy way to prep reservations or do a quick check of your equipment when you're out on a shoot or event.

You can read more in detail about how to use and the perks of Spotcheck here .

Here we will teach you how to spotcheck via the mobile app in a few easy steps.

  • Open the mobile app and select New Spotcheck.

  • Select the type of spotcheck you want to do.

  • After you've selected the type of spotcheck, you will need to select what you'd like to spotcheck. For demonstration purposes, you can see below we chose a kit. You would then be able to scan a specific kit. However, for a locations spotcheck, you would see a list with all your locations and you could select which location(s) you'd like to spotcheck. The same principle goes for other types of spotchecks.

  • After this step, you should see a list of all items that require scanning. You can now start scanning or tap items manually. At the top of the screen you'll see the name of the spotcheck (which you can modify later on). Below the name, you can see a progress bar. While scanning, you can see how many items were scanned and how many still need to be scanned. You can also see if any issues occur with items.

  • Once you've scanned (or manually ticked off) all items, select Finish.

  • Alternatively, if you don't find all the items you should have scanned, click X to indicate you've finished.

  • Note that the spotcheck status appears as In Progress. This is because you have the option to finish your spotcheck at a later time, and not only after you start one. This may be useful to you when you're doing a spotcheck at a bigger location or if you need a colleague to continue where you left off.

  • Besides the overview and progress bar, you will also see:

- The type of spotcheck you just completed. In this example, the kit but it could also be a location, category, check-out, etc.

- Details of the spotcheck such as last activity, participants, and start time since you can work with several people on one spotcheck.

  • When you are ready, select Finish to complete your spotcheck. You will then have the option to leave a comment. This comment will be saved as a note.

  • Once finished, you get an overview of the spotcheck you did.

  • You'll see how many items are checked, how many (if any of course) issues came up and again an overview of what you spotchecked and the details of the spotcheck.

  • If you'd like to zoom in on any issues that came up, you can simply click on them to get an overview. You can do the same to get an overview of the checked and unchecked items and take actions accordingly. For example, you could flag an item as missing if you weren't able to locate it.

  • When navigating to the Spotcheck Tab, you'll find your spotcheck.

  • In the example we used with the kit, you can see that when navigating to that specific kit or any single item of that kit, you'll see that a spotcheck was done in the timeline.

Hooray, you're now ready to do a spotcheck from the Cheqroom mobile app! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at!

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