Spotcheck is a helpful way of doing an inventory take of your equipment.

Think about your yearly inventory audit, an easy way of preparing reservations or a quick check of your equipment when you're out on a shoot or event.

Please make sure to configure Spotcheck first.

This article focusses on how to Spotcheck via the web app.

  • Open your CHEQROOM account

  • Navigate to the Spotchecks tab and click 'New Spotcheck'

  • Select a type and click 'Next'

  • Select the actual topic of your spotcheck and click 'Create Spotcheck'. In this example we choose to do a spotcheck on a kit.

  • A list of all items in our kit will appear. You now have the option to scan the items via a USB and Bluetooth scanner or select the items manually.

  • Click 'Close' when you are done scanning or selecting items manually. You'll now see your spotcheck detail page.

  • The spotcheck status is still 'In progress'. Why? Because you have the option to start your spotcheck at one time, and finish it at another time. This is interesting when you're for example doing a spotcheck on a large location. And also interesting is that a colleague can proceed where you left off.

  • Click 'Finish' to indicate that the spotcheck is done. You will be asked if you'd like to add a comment (optional).

  • You now see an overview of your spotcheck.

- The status is updated to 'Finished with issues (1)'

- Which items were checked and what issues arose

- The optional comment when finishing gets added as a comment on this


- Attachments

- The actual kit we did a spotcheck for

- Activity details such as the start and finish time and the participants that have

worked on this spotcheck

  • Since you couldn't locate the battery that should have been part of this kit, you should now take action accordingly. You could for example flag the item as missing, or you can investigate who had it last and ask this person if he knows where the battery currently is.

  • The overview on the Spotchecks tab will now include the spotcheck we just did.

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