How to add equipment to your Bookings

How to add Items and/or Kits to Reservations or Check-outs

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When creating a Reservation or Check-out from the side menu, you will also have to add some Items or Kits to those bookings, besides picking a time and place. 

Simple & Advanced Search

You can start looking for an item by typing in the brand and/or model or any other specific information that is linked to that item. 

All searches are case-insensitive and will match any known text field. This also includes any textual custom field you've created inside your account. To learn more, click here

The Equipment Picker

The equipment picker menu allows you to browse equipment by category and select the items you need in no time.

  • Click Add Items or Kits

  • Select the Category you want to pick an item from

  • Select the chain icon on the right side of the search field for an advanced search

  • Filter your search by using the Location, Flag and/or Kit option if necessary

  • Select one or more Items to add to your booking

  • Find your selection in the top-right corner of the equipment picker

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