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How to make a Reservation or create a booking for the future

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In Cheqroom, Reservations are bookings of equipment for the future. They help you make sure that the right equipment is available for when you or your team member needs it.

There are four ways of making a Reservation in Cheqroom:

Creating a Reservation from the Reservation panel

First, go to Reservations and click 'New Reservation' in the top-right corner:

  1. Create a title for your reservation, for example a project name or add your name (optional)

  2. Set a location if you have access to multiple locations. The location you choose is where the equipment is currently at. (*when checking the equipment back in at a different location, you can choose ‘check-in at different location’)

  3. Choose a date and time when you will be picking up the equipment and choose a return date and time when you will bring the equipment back

  4. Add a Contact (either yourself or someone else in the team who will be using the equipment)

  5. Add extra info if needed by adding custom fields

  6. Add items or Kits (you can type in the name of the type or brand, scroll down the list or then scan the label if the item is already next to you)

  7. Write a comment (optional)

  8. Upload or drop a file (optional)

  9. Add a colored label to your booking

  10. Click ‘Reserve’ when everything is good to go

Creating a Reservation from the Calendar 

Another way to create a reservation (or check-out / plan maintenance), is by clicking on a certain day (can’t be in the past) in your Calendar:

Creating a Reservation from the Availability Calendar

Besides the two previous options, you can also make a booking by visiting the Gantt Chart or availability calendar. This view is both available for Items as well as Kits:

  • Go to the Availability view

  • Search for the item(s) you need for your Reservation

  • Select the days you want to book it for

  • Create Reservation

Using the Quick Book Panel ⚡

The Quick Book Panel works the same way as a shopping cart: add one or more item(s) you need to the lightning bolt and you can return to your draft Reservation and/or Check-out some time later.

Once the day and time of the Reservation arrives, you can decide to either use the Check-out module and convert the Reservation into a Check-out

If you prefer not to use the Check-out module, you can turn it off in your Settings, and close the Reservation instead.

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