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🎥 Organizing bookings with colored labels
🎥 Organizing bookings with colored labels

See what's going on by grouping together Reservations and Check-outs

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You can set up different colored labels to group bookings together based on a team, department, project, and more.

Setting up colored labels

Creating colored labels for Reservations (same goes for Check-outs)

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Labels

  • Choose to make labels for Reservations or Check-outs

  • Click Add label

  • Select color and type a name

  • Click Save

Note: For bookings that haven't received any label, the default color for reservations will be green and for check-outs grey. Here's how you can choose a different default color:

  • Hover over the label you want to make the default color

  • Click Actions

  • Click 'Make default'

  • The default label will be marked with a star:

💡Quick Tip

If you create exactly the same labels on a Reservation and a Check-out, any value that was entered in the Reservation will automatically be copied to the Check-out when you convert it.

Labeling your bookings

  • Go to the Reservation or Check-out you want to label

  • Choose the label from the dropdown list:

Benefits of the colored labels

Calendar view

Once you have labeled a few bookings, your calendar view will start to look colorful and organized. 

Don't need to see certain colored bookings? Click on the filter icon in the top-right corner and customize your calendar view:

Filtering your Reservations or Check-outs

  • Go to your Reservations or Check-outs

  • Click on the advanced search icon on the right side of the search field

  • Choose the label you'd like to filter by

Controlling who's allowed to set, update or clear labels 

Permissions for using labels

Only users who are allowed to change colored labels on reservations and/or check-outs (either for their own bookings or any booking) can update or clear labels.

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Roles & Permissions

  • Select an existing role to edit or create a new custom role

  • Find the colored label(s) section under the Reservations and Check-outs tab

  • Select whether this user role should be allowed to change the colored label(s) of either any booking or only the user's own bookings.

  • Click Save or Add and you're done


Calendars synced via iCal often override with their own color settings.

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