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The ⚡ Quick Book Panel
The ⚡ Quick Book Panel

A quick way to reserve or check-out items

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There are multiple ways to create a Reservation or a Check-out in Cheqroom. You can choose which one is most convenient for you.

Notice the ⚡ lightning bolt

It works the same way as a shopping cart: add one or more item(s) you need to the lightning bolt and you can return to your draft Reservation and/or Check-out some time later.

*Note: since this option doesn't allow you to add dates, conflicts might appear once you continue to complete the Reservation or Check-out.

Using the Quick Book Panel

  • Click on the Lightning Bolt

  • Choose Reservation or Check-out

  • Set a Contact

  • Set Location (if you have several)

  • Click on the + to add Items or Kits

  • No time to finish your booking? You can come back later by clicking the ⚡ lightning bolt. Your booking will be saved as a Draft.*

  • All set to complete your booking? Click on 'Go to reservation' or 'Go to check-out'.

*Note: When you leave items in a Draft Check-out, those items will receive the status 'Checking out' and will no longer be available for other users to check-out.

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