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How can I do an advanced filtering of my equipment or bookings?
How can I do an advanced filtering of my equipment or bookings?

Different filter options for your Items and Reservation/Check-outs

Written by Samia Suys
Updated over a week ago

Basic elements of searching in list screens

  1. Using the dropdown filter lists (based on status, e.g. only checked out  items)

  2. Searching by text (e.g. items with Sony  in it). Read more here.

  3. Toggle the visibility of the Advanced search panel

  4. Selecting categories / flags, and whether or not the Item should be part of a Kit + create your own filter by clicking on +Add filter

  5. Showing columns and custom fields (see below)

  6. Sorting on columns and custom fields

  7. Selecting a view (e.g. Table view )

💡Did you know you can have certain custom fields automatically shown as a filter option for all users? When creating a custom field, make sure to select 'show in search'.

Add your own touch to our table view

If you want different information to be listed when you go to your Item, Contact, Kits, Reservation or Check-out overview, this is how:

  • Make sure you are in the table view

  • Click on the book icon on the left side of 'Sort'

  • Select the fields you want to see in your list, and adjust the order by dragging and dropping them on the right side:

  • Now you can use the 'Sort' functionality to get the results you need

  • Or then select the different viewing options like, for example, the gantt chart:

💡Did you know you can create a Reservation or Plan maintenance by just selecting the days of your choosing?

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