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How can I add images to my inventory?
How can I add images to my inventory?

How to upload pictures and add them to your Items and Kits

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In Cheqroom, you can add your Items' images when uploading them manually or by import. 

Adding images to Items manually

Add images when uploading a new Item

  • Go to your Items

  • Click New item

  • Fill in the necessary Item information

  • Add your own image or pick on from the web

  • Click Add when everything is ready

*Note: when you add a well-known brand and model, Cheqroom will automatically take a picture from the web as a suggestion. You can then choose to use that one or then pick another image. 

Picking another image will give you the option to upload an image, pick another one from the web, paste a URL, or select an image from your recent uploads.

Upload an image after having added your items

You can also choose to add and/or change Items' images after uploading them.

  • Go to your Items

  • Click on the Item you want to edit

  • Click on the Image section next to the Item name

  • Click the Pencil icon

  • Choose to Upload a file, paste a URL or pick an image from the web

  • Click Select

You can find your Item's images in the Attachment tab and add other images from there as well:

Adding images to Items by import

  • Prepare your CSV file for import (read more here)

  • Add an extra column called 'Images'

  • Add your images URL in the column

  • When importing, match your 'Images' column with the Attachments field

*Note: when importing images, any images you've previously added will be overwritten. 

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