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🎥 How do I prepare my spreadsheet for importing?
🎥 How do I prepare my spreadsheet for importing?
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Converting to CSV format

Cheqroom supports importing equipment and contacts from a CSV file. These files can be created from spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets by accessing the “Download as” or “Save as” option from the program’s standard toolbar.

Basic pre-formatted template

  • Click Items

  • Next, click Import in the top-right corner

  • Download our pre-formatted CSV template

Things to avoid in your spreadsheet

Multiple worksheets

A lot of equipment management spreadsheets separate different kinds of equipment across different worksheets. Cheqroom's importing feature works best if everything is in a single worksheet and when using a separate category column.

Merged cells

Don't merge values across different cells. As a rule of thumb, each row or column in the spreadsheet must have exactly the same number of columns or rows.

Title, summary or blank rows

Remove any title rows or blanks rows from your spreadsheet. 

Images in your Excel file

Inline images are not supported. If you have them, they will be stripped out by your spreadsheet editor when saving to CSV file.

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