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Importing Contacts from spreadsheet
Importing Contacts from spreadsheet

How to import Contacts from CSV file into your Cheqroom account?

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Importing Contacts from CSV

  • Go to Contacts

  • Click the Import button in the top-right corner

  • Upload your CSV file

  • Indicate if your spreadsheet has labels as the first row

  • Map the columns you want to import or ignore them

  • Preview some rows by clicking next and previous

  • Click Next

  • Fix any import errors and check warnings

  • Click Start import

  • You'll get a confirmation email when the importing is done

Which fields can I import?

When importing Contacts from the spreadsheet, you can import the following fields.

  • Name (required โ€“ at least 3 characters)

  • Email (required)

  • Custom fields you've set up

Importing and updating existing contacts via CSV

You can also import a CSV file that was generated by Cheqroom, back into the software. To update your existing contacts, make sure the Id field is mapped to the right column in Step 2.

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