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Why am I unable to create a booking across multiple locations?
Why am I unable to create a booking across multiple locations?

When you try to add items from multiple locations to your booking but receive an error message

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You want to add items from multiple locations to your booking but you receive a conflict message?

Here's why!

Locations are one of the main features of Cheqroom. They allow you to create separate Locations for each equipment room, warehouse or department, within your organization and assign Items to them. 

This means you can see, per Location, where all your inventory is stored and decide from which Location every user will be picking up their gear.

When you create a new Reservation or Check-out, it is important to know that the Location you add to the booking is where the equipment will be picked up from, NOT where the equipment is going.

For that reason, it is not possible to add items from multiple locations to a booking without receiving a conflict message. Because you can't physically be at 2 locations at the same time to pick up equipment.

The process visualized:

Let's say you do add items from multiple locations to your booking.
As you will notice, you will get a conflict message.

When clicking on the conflict, you'll see that you have several options:

  1. Remove the item

  2. Replace the item to an item available at the selected location where you will be picking up your equipment

  3. If you have permission to 'Manage items' you will also have the option to change the location of this item. Do know that this change is permanently or until you change it back.

Allowing booking conflicts

You can, however, also choose to continue and ignore the conflict. This is only allowed for users that have permission to 'Ignore conflicts'.

To see which user role is allowed to do so:

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Roles & Permissions

  • Click on the user role you'd like to see the role details off

  • Check whether that user role is allowed to 'Ignore conflicts' (this option exists both on the Reservations level as the Check-out level

If you do choose to ignore the conflict, you will get another warning message when actually reserving the equipment.

However, with the permission to ignore conflicts, you will be able to proceed, and convert your reservation to an actual check-out after seeing another warning.

Preventing booking conflicts 

Users without permission to 'Ignore conflicts' won't be able to create a booking containing items from multiple locations.

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