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Restricting what users can see and do
Restricting what users can see and do

Decide how much access your users have to the account

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When you invite team members or colleagues to your account, you can control who sees what by assigning them a user role. Each user role has a predefined set of permissions and restrictions with regards to the account.

There are two types of user roles: System Roles and Custom Roles.

System roles cannot be modified or updated, whereas Custom Roles can be created from scratch and edited anytime.

Restricting permissions with System Roles

If you want to restrict the access level of your users, you will have to choose one of the System Roles available in your account that suits best for the user you'd like to give restricted access.

You can see which permissions each System Role include by clicking on the role.

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Roles & Permissions

  • Click on the role you'd like to see in detail

Restricting permissions with Custom Roles

If you are on one of our Academic, Professional, or Enterprise plans, you also have the option to create Custom Roles.
This allows you to decide granularly which restrictions and permissions to give to certain users. 

When creating a Custom Role, there are seven sets of permissions you have to take into consideration.

  • Items: define the permissions with regards to items for users assigned to this user role

  • Custody: decide whether users with this user role should be able to take/release/transfer item custody

  • Kits: define the permissions with regards to kits

  • Contacts: determine what this user role is allowed to do with regards to contacts

  • Reservations: define whether this role should be able to create/update/... reservations.

  • Check-outs: define whether this role should be able to create/update/... check-outs

  • Settings: determine if users assigned to this role can access the settings of your Cheqroom account

For more information on how to add a Custom Role, check out our article on how to add custom user roles.

Restricting permissions to one or more locations

Lastly, you can also decide which users can have access to which locations. You can do this by restricting the access of certain users to one or more locations

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