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Why am I unable to invite a new user to my account?
Why am I unable to invite a new user to my account?

When you try to add a new user but the invite button remains grey

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You want to start inviting your team members or colleagues but somehow it doesn't work? Here are the reasons that could explain it:

The email address is invalid

Make sure the email address you're trying to add is correct. No typos?

The person was already invited

If the user has already been invited to your account, perhaps their invite link is still pending or has been expired. If the link has been expired, you can re-invite them following these steps:

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Users

  • Click on the dropdown list next to the search field

  • Choose Expired invites

  • Look for the Contact you want to re-invite

  • Click Actions 

  • Click Re-invite

If they don't show up under expired or pending invites, you can also check the Inactive or Archived Users. By activating or unarchiving them as a User, they will be able to log in again by using their old log in details. 

*Note: If they forgot their password, you can send them a new one by clicking 'Reset Password'.

The person mistakenly created his/her own trial account

In Cheqroom, a user can not have his email address connected to more than one account. If this is the case, send us a message in the chat bubble with the email address(es) you tried to add. We can delete the old trial account attached to their name and will let you know when you can re-invite your team member.

The person was previously active in another Cheqroom account

The transfer user article can help you get the user into the right account. ​

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