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Why are my users not receiving their invite emails?
Why are my users not receiving their invite emails?

Why haven't my team members received their invite email to join the account

Written by Samia Suys
Updated over a week ago

When a new user is added to your Cheqroom account, they will receive an email from to set their account password.

⚠️ Before inviting a user, make sure their inbox is active. Inviting a user before their email address is active will result in their email address being blacklisted, which will lead to them not receiving any email sent by Cheqroom even after their email address is activated.


  • Make sure the correct email address was added

  • Invite emails can take up to 15 minutes to arrive

  • Please have the receiver check their Spam or Junk folder

  • Check if your organisation whitelists emails from

Re-send an invitation email

  • You can have your administrator navigate to the Users screen

  • Next, browse the Pending or Expired list of invites

  • Then, click Actions > Re-invite

Still didn't receive it? 

Message us with their details, so we can take a look.

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