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How to Edit the Logo of Your Workspace?
How to Edit the Logo of Your Workspace?

Your workspace logo is visible to everyone across your organization and public contexts in which these are used. Let's see how to edit it.

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๐Ÿ’ก You need permission to manage the account settings to edit your logo.

Follow these steps to edit the logo of your workspace:

  • On Cheqroom, go to Settings and select Account.

  • Scroll down until setting the Manage Workspaces sections.

  • There, click on the three dots and choose Edit workspace.

  • Click on Change logo.

  • Upload your logo (SVG, PNG, JPG, or GIF with a minimum size of 150x150px).

  • If needed, resize your logo by zooming in or out.

  • Once you are happy, click on Save Logo.

  • Don't forget to hit Save to update the information.

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