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How to create an Employee Agreement
How to create an Employee Agreement

Create and attach a Contact or Employee Agreement to each Contact in Cheqroom that will be using your equipment

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To help with keeping users of your inventory accountable, we have included a Contact PDF Agreement in Cheqroom. 

When a student, freelancer, or any team member wants to check-out some gear, you can quickly ask them to sign and acknowledge specific terms & conditions. This PDF agreement will then automatically be saved on the Contact level. 

Accessing our Contact Equipment Agreement 

  • Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Go to Templates

  • Go to the Contact Equipment Agreement and click Activate

  • Click on the template and click Preview to see what our ready-to-use Contact agreement looks like

  • If you want to make some adjustments, click Clone

Customizing our Contact Equipment Agreement

Now that you've cloned the template, you're ready to start editing! 

  1. Update the template name to something more descriptive 

  2. Choose the Paper size in case you might want to print the agreement later on

  3. Choose the Layout of the agreement

  4. Choose to require an electronic signature when the PDF is generated. This is ideal when you want your team members to formally sign a document that equipment is left in their care.

  5. If you want to insert any other information, for example, a custom field you created earlier, click Insert placeholder 

  6. Click Preview to see the result and don't forget to click Save

You can also choose to add your company logo by following these steps

Generating a PDF document for a Contact

  • Go to Contacts

  • Next, click the Contact for whom you want to generate the Contact PDF agreement

  • Click Actions, next click Generate PDF...

  • Sign digitally (optional -- depends on how the selected Contact PDF template is configured)

  • Click Add to start generating the PDF, it will be automatically added as an Attachment to the Contact and appear in the history timeline on the right side.

  • Click on the PDF to download or print it

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