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🎥 Creating custom PDF templates
🎥 Creating custom PDF templates

Edit our system PDF templates to your own liking

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Using Cheqroom, it's easy to generate a PDF for your booking or contact data. These PDF documents help you set clear expectations with your contacts and helps to hold them more accountable.

You can generate PDF documents for:

  • Reservations which are booked

  • Check-outs which are booked or completed

  • Contacts

  • Shipments

Creating a PDF template

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Templates

  • Click New template...

  • Pick the kind of template you want to make

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to make changes in the content

  • Update the template name to something more descriptive

  • Click Preview & save... to see what a PDF document would look like

  • Click Update to save the template

  • Use the toggle button to activate the template

Requiring documents to be signed electronically

You can choose to set up the template to automatically require an electronic signature when the PDF is generated. This is ideal when you want your team members to formally sign a document that equipment left in their care.

Using merge fields to insert dynamic data

  • Click Insert placeholder in the top-right corner of the template

  • Insert any of the merge fields from the list, it will insert a ${placeholder}  where the field will be.

Advanced use in source mode

  • Click Source to see the HTML for your template

  • You can use the same ${placeholder}  values in the HTML editor

  • For custom fields, use ${item.fields.Serial_number} (case-sensitive and spaces are replaced with _ characters)

  • Use <div data-for="item in items"></div>  constructs to build repeaters


Need help with creating your own template? Contact us!

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