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Adding a unique QR code to your PDF
Adding a unique QR code to your PDF

Add a document QR code to your PDF templates

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*Note: PDF templates are not available in the Essentials Plan and the Standard Plan. QR codes are available in all plans.

When customizing templates, you also have the option to add a unique QR code to them. 

How does it work? When you have generated Reservation Checklists or Check-out Agreements, you can use this QR code to scan it when someone brings equipment back, and the booking will open automatically. 

Or, when having to ship equipment overseas, you can add this QR code to the shipment. Once it has arrived, one of the team members, who is at the location, can scan this QR code and see the booking and its details right there on the spot.

How to add a QR code to your template

  • Go to Settings and click Templates:

  • Clone the template you'd like to edit

  • Decide where the extra field for the QR code should be

  • Place your mouse in the field where the QR code will be added

  • Click on the dropdown list in the top-right corner called 'Insert Placeholder'

  • Choose the field Document QR

  • Click Preview and Save when everything is good to go

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