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How to automatically email PDF agreements to your Contacts
How to automatically email PDF agreements to your Contacts

Setting up Email Notifications with PDF agreements as an attachment

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*Note: PDF templates are not available in the Essentials Plan and the Standard Plan. QR codes are available in all plans.

To increase accountability and to streamline your workflow, Cheqroom lets you create and attach Reservation checklists or Check-out agreements to bookings. 

And with most agreements, it is nice for both parties to receive a copy of the agreement itself. Instead of downloading or printing the PDF document and then sending it by mail, you can also attach them automatically by using our Email Notifications. 

Creating a new email notification

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Next click Notifications

  • Click New notification

  • Choose one of the following triggers:

  1. Reservation PDF generated: triggers when a new reservation document has been generated. This can be, for example, a Reservation Checklist that is automatically sent to the Contact or person in charge of the equipment room.

  2. Check-out PDF generated: triggers when a new check-out document has been generated. This could be set up for an agreement (with important terms & conditions and/or notes about the agreement included), with or without signature, automatically sent to the Contact.

  3. Contact PDF generated: triggers when a new contact document has been generated. A contact document is usually some sort of contract between you and a third party or freelancer, for a certain period of time.

  • Give this trigger a unique name

  • Choose Email

  • Fill in the To field with a static email address (e.g. or use a dynamic field. E.g. email it to the Contact of the Check-out with {{}} 

  • Enter an Email subject

  • Write the Email body and add the information you feel is necessary (custom fields included), by clicking on the dropdown icon on the right side:

  • Continue to see the Preview and check if everything looks okay

  • You can still go back to make changes

  • Click Add when you're done

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