*Note: PDF templates are not available in the Essentials Plan and the Standard Plan. QR codes are available in all plans.

In Cheqroom, you can generate PDF documents that can be used for, for example, reservation checklists or for employee agreements or third-party agreements. 

These PDF documents are customizable and allow you to add specific information, and even your company logo, in just a few quick steps:

Adding your company logo

  • Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Go to Templates

  • Clone the template you'd like to edit

  • Click on the area underneath the template title

  • Drag and drop your company logo

  • Click Preview and Save when everything is looking good

*Note: Try to resize your image to max 300px wide and 100px height to get optimal results. If the image width/height is too large, you will need to resize it in the template and it may look blurry.

Adding a custom field

Once you have added custom fields to either Items, Contacts, Reservations or Check-outs, you can add this information to your PDF template:

  • Go to Settings and click Templates

  • Clone the template you'd like to edit

  • Decide where your extra field should be and add a row or column by selecting the row above or column next to it and right click:

Once the new row or column have been added: 

  • Choose a title

  • Place your mouse in the field where the information will be added

  • Click on the dropdown list in the top-right corner called 'Insert Placeholder'

  • Choose the field you'd like to add

  • Click Preview and Save when everything is good to go

💡 Tip: Hover over the icons at the top to know their function.

Need help with customizing your template? Check out our template customization service and just shoot us a message by clicking on the chat bubble and send us the details of what you'd like to add. 

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