Cheqroom allows you to attach files of any kind, such as images, invoices, or user manuals.

Adding file attachments in Cheqroom

  • Click on an Item, Contact or Reservation/Check-out

  • Click the Attachments tab

  • Click Upload a file or drag-and-drop a file to attach

Our supported file extensions are:

ai, arw, avi, avif, bmp, cr2, csv, djvu, doc, docx, eps, eps3, ept, fbx, flif, gdoc, gdraw, gform, gif, glb, gltf, gsheet, gslides, gtable, hdp, heic, heif, ico, indd, jfif, jp2, jpe, jpeg, jpg, jxr, key, mov, mp4, numbers, odp, ods, odt, pages, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, ps, psd, svg, tga, tif, tiff, txt, usdz, wdp, webp, xls, xls

File size is limited to 100Mb for attachments.

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