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πŸŽ₯ Mobile push notifications
πŸŽ₯ Mobile push notifications

Cheqroom will remind users about upcoming reservations and/or overdue returns directly on their mobile devices.

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Mobile push notifications are friendly equipment reminders for your team that will appear on their mobile device to remind them about:

  • A reservation due in 1 hour

  • A check-out that is 1 hour overdue

There's no need to activate them: the mobile push notifications will automatically be sent out to users who have been using the mobile app.Β 

No matter where they are β€” or where you are β€” Cheqroom will remind them about upcoming reservations and/or overdue returns so they can stay on top of things.Β 


*You can also send equipment reminders by email using Cheqroom's Email Notifications.

*Don't want them on your device? Go to your general settings on your mobile phone and turn notifications from Cheqroom off.
* Note that already existing overdue reservations and check-outs will not trigger the notification unless they fit the time frame.

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