When certain users start to get sloppy and keep bringing equipment back overdue, you can now block those users and prevent them from making bookings and check-outs for themselves. 

Blocking a contact

  • Go to Contacts
  • Click on the Contact you would like to block
  • Click on Actions in the top-right corner
  • Click Block...
  • Enter a message why the Contact was blocked (this will be saved in the Contact's history)

Blocked Contacts are NOT allowed to:

  • Have a new reservation added to their name
  • Have a new check-out added to their name
  • Extend an open Check-out
  • Convert a Reservation into a Check-out
  • Take an item into Custody

Blocked contacts are allowed to:

  • Log in (if they're linked to a User)
  • View availability of Items
  • Check-in open Check-outs
  • For admins and users: Create a reservation for someone else 
  • For admins and users: Create a check-out for someone else
  • For admins and users: Give Custody to someone else

Listing blocked contacts

As an admin you can find an overview of your blocked contacts by going to your Contacts and clicking 'Sort - Blocked - Descending'. The blocked Contacts have the prohibited icon marked on the right side:

Unblocking a contact

  • Go to Contacts
  • Click on the Contact you would like to unblock
  • Click Unblock in the top-right corner
  • Enter a message why the Contact was unblocked (this will be saved in the Contact's history)

How to let users know they have been (un)blocked

By account message

When blocked contacts log in, they will see a message stating they have been blocked by the account owner:

By setting up automated email notifications

An admin can also create an automated email notification which will send out an email to the blocked contact once they have been blocked and/or unblocked:

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click Notifications
  • Click New notification
  • Choose the trigger Blocked Contacts or Unblocked Contacts
  • Give this trigger a unique name and choose Email
  • Write your message: 
  1. Fill in the To field with a static email address (e.g. equipment-admin@yourdomain.com) or use a dynamic field. E.g. email it to the Contact of the Check-out with  {{contact.email}} 
  2. Enter an Email subject
  3. Write the Email body
  4. Preview your Email


*All user roles can be blocked. They will still have access to the account, but won't be able to make reservations or check-outs for themselves. User roles and Admins will still be able to make bookings for other users who have not been blocked.

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