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Kits overview
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You can group equipment that always stays together in a single Kit. That way you can track it as a whole and book it in one click.

Kits statuses

In Cheqroom, Kits can have 1 of 6 possible statuses

  • Available - The Kit is available for immediate check-out, but can be part of an open reservation for the near future.  

  • Checked out - The Kit is currently unavailable because it’s part of an open check-out.

  • Checking out - The Kit is part of a draft check-out.*

  • Incomplete - One or more items belonging to the Kit are unavailable (checked out, checking out, or expired) or are currently stored at a different location.

  • In custody - The Kit was given into custody to a contact and cannot be reserved or checked out. 

  • Expired - The Kit is broken or no longer in use and cannot be reserved or checked out anymore. Expired Kits don't count towards your subscription limits.

*Items or Kits that are part of a draft check-out or no longer available for other users to take out. Make sure to clean up your draft check-outs regularly or set up an automated clean up.

Incomplete Kits

When a Kit is incomplete, you can still reserve or check-out the items of the Kit that are available by either:

  • Removing the unavailable items from the Reservation or Check-out

  • Replacing the unavailable items 

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