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Item Report: Warranty Status
Item Report: Warranty Status

Have a quick overview of your items by warranty and see when your gear goes out of warranty.

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This report shows you items that are in warranty, out of warranty and which ones will be out of warranty soon.


In order for this report to be useful, make sure to have added your items' warranty information (manually or by import).

In order to have the items' current value included in the report, please choose your depreciation method and include items' purchase information. 

Enabling the Reporting add-on

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Add-ons

  • Scroll down to Reporting

  • Make sure it's activated

Using your Item: Warranty Status report

  • Go to Reports

  • Go to the Item section

  • Choose Warranty Status

  • Add extra filters by clicking on 'Add filter':

  • Or filter by custom fields:

  • Choose to Print or Export your report in the top-right corner:

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