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πŸŽ₯ Troubleshooting DYMO printing problems
πŸŽ₯ Troubleshooting DYMO printing problems

What to do when your DYMO LabelWriter printer does not show up or does not work

Written by Samia Suys
Updated over a week ago

1. Make sure you have the latest version installed

When booting your computer

  • Make sure the printer connected to your computer with a direct USB connection, not a USB hub or extension.

  • Make sure the printer is powered on.

2. Running the DYMO Diagnose tool

The DYMO software itself is not developed by Cheqroom. Before getting in touch with our team, please check if the DYMO software itself is working correctly.

Please also refer to the DYMO Tips website as well.

You can check if the DYMO Web Service is running manually, by going to the following web address in your browser:Β 

If your web-service is running, you should see a success message like the one below.

If you're on OSX and you receive an error message after clicking on the Diagnose button, then please follow the steps below:

  • Disconnect your printer from the computer

  • `Fully delete DYMO Label Software from your computer.Β 

  • After uninstalling the DYMO software, we also need to manually remove the DYMO certificate.

  • Press CMD + Space and search for Keychain Access app

  • In Keychain Access, click System and look for the DYMO ROOT CA certificate and click it.

  • Right click and choose 'Delete DYMO Root CA (for localhost). You will need to enter your password twice.

  • Download and install the latest version of DYMO Label Software

  • Restart your computer after the installation

  • Connect your printer again and now you should be able to print from Cheqroom.

3. Testing the DYMO installation itself

The next step is to test the DYMO installation without Cheqroom and seeing if that works. You can use their free DYMO test tool to create and print a sample label.

4. Obtain DYMO Webservice log file

If none of the above resolve your issue, then you can send us the DYMO Webservice log file which can contain more information about what's preventing you from printing a label.Β 


  1. Open File Explorer

  2. Copy&Paste the following path in the Address Bar:


  1. Open Finder

  2. Choose Go > Go to folder... and paste the following path:

What if the printer works, but only sporadically?

There is a known bug in the DYMO software (documented here) that causes the printer to sometimes work or malfunction. It is related to multiple users being logged in on the same computer.Β 

To rule out the symptoms of this bug, reboot the computer and log in with 1 user and repeating steps 1 through 3 again.

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